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disaster base camp planningDisaster Base Camp Planning and Support for an emergency can help your agency respond more quickly when natural disasters occur. At Lodging Solutions, we do more than simply provide services after the fact. Our team of experts will work with you to create emergency management action plans that can ensure faster response times and the most effective solutions for all types of emergency situations. We work with agencies like FEMA and the U.S. Forest Service to provide the most practical emergency management services for mobile lodging and base camps during the aftermath of major storms, flooding, and wildfires.

The Right Plan for Natural Disasters

Lodging Solutions can provide mobile sleeper trailers to help first responders and utility workers stay comfortable in temporary camps and shelters. Mobile showers and mobile laundry trailers can ensure that they stay clean and healthy during their time in these encampments. We handle the gray water disposal for these facilities to prevent further impact on the environment after a major storm event or other emergency situations. With effective emergency management services and a proactive plan in place before disasters occur, your agency can ensure that help is on the way just when it is needed most.

SuppliesĀ for Emergency Situations

At Lodging Solutions, we can provide food trailers and mobile potable water trucks. By contacting us to set up an advance plan or to develop a plan for an ongoing disaster, we can designate the right supplies and the right options for your Base Camp. This can help you to make the most effective plan.

The friendly and helpful experts at Lodging Solutions can provide you with the proactive help your agency needs to perform proper disaster base camp planning for emergencies and natural disasters before they happen. We work with you to determine the most appropriate solutions and to put a plan in place that can save you time and ensure that you provide the right disaster relief services for those affected by storms and other catastrophic events in your area.