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Disaster Relief Mobile Sleeper Trailer

Creating the right environment for your emergency relief workers is essential to ensure that they are well-rested and capable of taking on their duties efficiently. A well-equipped disaster relief mobile sleeper trailer will provide added comfort for your workers and a base camp for operations. These basic facts are essential to keep in mind when designing your disaster relief base camps.

Deployable Base Camps Are Environmentally Responsible

Because the structures used to create your base camp are reusable, they represent a minimal drain on already stressed areas. This will allow you and your crew to reduce your environmental impact while ensuring that you have the shelter needed for your workers. Climate-controlled base camp buildings are typically well insulated. This reduces the cost of maintaining comfortable temperatures for your workers during their tenure at your camp.

Your Base Camp Trailers Will Provide Privacy

Inside your disaster relief mobile sleeper trailer, you can often set up individual rooms that allow for some much-needed privacy in these temporary lodging options. This can boost morale among your workers while providing a little home away from home during their recovery efforts.

Amenities Are Often Available

Lighting, climate control systems, potable water and power generation are among the most commonly requested amenities for base camps designed for disaster relief workers. Laundry trucks and shower facilities are also useful in providing the option for fresh, clean clothing and a chance to get clean after working outdoors for much of the day.

Generators Are Essential Equipment

Portable generators are used to deliver power to your deployable base camps. This will allow your team members to charge mobile phones, catch up on local news and weather forecasts and manage all the other tasks that are typically taken for granted during daily life. Making sure your base camp has plenty of power will help your team to relax and unwind. This will provide them with the energy they need to succeed in their daily duties.

The experts at Lodging Solutions will provide you with disaster relief mobile sleeper trailers, laundry trucks, mobile showers and potable water supplies to outfit your base camp properly. Our team will work with you from start to finish to determine a practical approach to your current and future disaster relief requirements. Give us a call today at 832-256-2895 to request more information about the services we offer. At Lodging Solutions, we are here to serve you.