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Tim Bolton is an entrepreneur and small business owner of 33 years, and is the president of Lodging Solutions.

Tim founded his special event and commercial tent company, Festive Tents LP, in 1985. In the early days of the business, Tim’s market focus was county fairs, livestock shows, church bazaars, festivals, and tent sales. By 1991, Tim was using his largest tent (80’x600’) to retail fresh-cut Christmas trees. This became the largest independent Christmas tree retail business in Southwest Houston.

In 1996, Tim’s company secured a major contract with the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA. Tim’s company was responsible for manufacturing and deploying 250 new commercial clear span tents to 105 sites around the Atlanta metro area. This included the venues at the University of Georgia Athens and Georgia Tech.

In 2004, Tim’s company was tasked with providing alternative housing for electric utility workers who were restoring power to homes and businesses after Hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Jeanne. Soon after, Hurricane Ivan hit, which presented a new logistical challenge for power companies. Tim’s company responded by setting up expansive tent cities of base camp shelters, thereby providing more effective disaster relief services and Base Camp support for Gulf Power in Pensacola, Florida. Then in 2005, Tim’s company expanded its Base Camp services for power restoration to both investor-owned and rural cooperative utility companies, as well as Citgo Refinery, after Hurricanes Dennis, Katrina, and Rita. After the seven hurricanes in the 15-month span from 2004-2005, logistical support and disaster relief services for electric utility companies became Tim’s primary business endeavor.

In 2006 and 2009, Tim designed base camp shelters, fabricating a fleet of 60 36-man mobile sleep units, 14 mobile shower trailers, and 2 commercial laundry trailers, which were built in 53’ trailers. These facilities were able to house 2,160 people and provide basic utilities to power workers for 21 days – a feat theretofore unprecedented in disaster relief service response coordination. This set the stage for a new era in mobile Base Camp response. Starting in 2018, Tim designed and has started fabrication on a new fleet of 30-man and 42-man mobile sleep units. Tim takes pride in ensuring that all base camp shelter equipment and inventory items are kept in pristine working condition. This ensures efficient and prompt activation at all times of our disaster relief services.

Tim’s companies have provided logistic solutions for Hurricane Humberto (2007), Hurricanes Gustav and Ike (2008), Super Storm Sandy (2012), the Hattiesburg, Mississippi Tornado (2013), Hurricane Matthew (2016), Hurricanes Harvey and Irma (2017), the New Jersey Ice Storm (March 2018), and Hurricanes Florence and Michael (2018).

Tim has laid out and built sustainable base camps for 500 to 2,500 people. Lodging Solutions continues to provide logistical planning and support for large-scale camp operations whether at single or multiple locations. Our personnel are experienced and trained professionals, skilled at working under the time pressure that immediate disaster relief requires. Our onsite managers guarantee the most efficient operation possible and are there to ensure all personnel meet crucial deadlines. We take pride in our work and strive to provide the most comfortable and memorable stay for all camp crews.