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First responders and relief workers require the best support to perform their duties after a major disaster. Mental health is very important especially after the search and rescue operations following catastrophic natural disaster events. Providing a comfortable temporary housing trailer for these workers allows them to achieve a sense of normalcy after performing disaster relief activities.

Stresses and Common Complaints

Some of the most common issues reported by first responders and disaster relief personnel include the following:

  • Exposure to unknown agents, including contaminants, pollutants and gray water
  • A lack of control over the environment and the situations in which these first responders find themselves
  • Long hours in unpleasant conditions
  • Burnout and potential post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Depression

These issues can cause significant stress for the men and women who work to restore safety and comfort after a disaster occurs. Finding ways to mitigate this stress is essential to help your first responders cope with their experiences.

Restoring Some of the Comforts of Home

Providing first responders with a mobile laundry trailer, temporary housing trailer, water truck and other amenities can help to relieve the stress associated with this difficult job. A comfortable environment is the perfect place for disaster relief workers to relax and unwind after a hard day. Taking steps to ensure that your first responders receive the best care and support will help them navigate the stresses of their jobs.

Make Allowances for Human Frailty

Providing counseling and support services for your first responders will allow them to access these options more easily. Knowing that help is available may provide added comfort and strength for your disaster relief team. Implementing mental health services as a part of your initial setup for your relief efforts, you will ensure the highest degree of morale among these hard-working individuals.

At Lodging Solutions, we can provide a mobile sleeper trailer, laundry facilities, and other solutions to create the perfect deployable home base for your team. We work with you at every stage of the process to provide the best support for your team. Call us today at 832-256-2895 to request information about a temporary housing trailer and for immediate support services. The team at Lodging Solutions is here to serve you now and in the future.