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Sleeper Tents

One of the biggest challenges facing oil extraction operations in our area is providing comfortable accommodations for workers on these job sites. Many of the oil drilling sites are in remote areas and lack satisfactory living conditions and accommodations. Investing in a portable shower trailer can provide comfortable surroundings for your crew. A portable shower trailer or other lodging solutions may attract and retain employees for longer periods of time.

Taking on Turnover for Increased Productivity

Comfortable spaces after a hard day of work are essential to keep crew members happy and efficiently working. Upgrading your camp will also help reduce the number of workers that are displeased with the living conditions and want to resign. Improving these conditions will help employee retainment and reduce on-boarding and training costs for team members.

Providing the Right Amenities for Your Workers

Many oil field camps consist of mobile homes or RV camps that offer minimal amenities for your workers. Providing potable water trucks is a good way to provide for the needs of your crew. Working with a lodging and base camp solutions provider can turn a bare-bones camp into more comfortable living spaces.

Reducing the Risks of Accidents

Well-rested and happy workers are less likely to be involved in accidents that could result in downtime for your drilling operations. A temporary housing trailer is a solid investment for greater productivity. They also help to reduce risks of accidents related to fatigue. These accommodations are ideal for providing rest and relaxation during free time for your staff.

The temporary base camp specialists at Lodging Solutions have the experience needed to upgrade your camp on your drilling site. We can provide a portable shower trailer, potable water trucks, laundry facilities and living quarters. Give our team a call today at 832-256-2895. At Lodging Solutions, we are here to serve your needs now and in the future.