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disaster relief base camps


When an emergency strikes, you should ensure that your disaster relief base camps have some basic amenities. One of the first things you will likely think of is an emergency mobile sleeper trailer for relief workers. However, laundry trailers can also be necessary for your disaster relief base camps.

The Importance of Washing Clothes in Disaster Relief Base Camps

Clean clothes, sheets, and towels can help provide a sense of home to disaster relief workers. These people are often working hard, long hours to help communities after a disaster. A little bit of comfort can go a long way to help them while they aid those affected by a storm or other occurrence. However, there are other reasons why laundry trailers can be important for disaster relief base camps.

If relief workers don’t have access to a way to clean their clothes, it can lead to many negative consequences for the people serving your community after an emergency. It can be harmful to their health. Not washing laundry can lead to a buildup of bacteria in the fabric. Additionally, unwashed clothing holds on to body oils and dead skin cells. This can lead to a transfer of dirt and bacteria into the hair follicle, which could lead to infection. Therefore, a mobile laundry trailer can go a long way to protect relief workers.

Other Ways to Help Disaster Relief Workers

When a disaster happens, it can be easy to get caught up in the commotion. However, it’s important to consider disaster relief workers and how to help them do their jobs. If relief workers aren’t taken care of, they may have a harder time taking care of others who were affected by the emergency. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that they are provided with access to showers, dining areas, and disaster relief mobile lodging where they can take care of their own basic needs.

At Lodging Solutions, we work with disaster relief agencies, first responders, and many others who are there to assist after an emergency. We can help set up your disaster relief base camps to ensure that they have all the needed amenities. We deliver and set up dining tents, shower trailers, emergency mobile sleeper trailers, laundry trailers, and more. Our team is committed to providing you the best solutions for your base camp needs. Call us today at (832) 256-2895 to learn more about our services or to request a quote. We are here to serve you.