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Emergency Laundry TrailerAfter a major weather event, wildfire or other disaster, people need help as quickly as possible. At Lodging Solutions, we can provide mobile potable water trucks, showers, tents and temporary shelters and disaster relief laundry trailers designed to help first responders and utility workers.

Helping After Disaster Strikes

Along with mobile sleeper trailer options that can provide greater comfort for first responders and utility workers, Lodging Solutions can provide mobile showers and water distribution trucks to make sure that they can clean their clothes and manage other regular tasks during the period after these events. Our team can provide mobile disaster relief laundry trailer facilities and gray water removal.

Comprehensive Help for Federal, State and Local Governments

Agencies like FEMA and the U.S. Forest Service provide real help in emergency situations. At Lodging Solutions, we can provide temporary housing in tents and other structures, mobile laundry trailers for disaster relief, food services and water trucks and other amenities to help in major storms, flooding, and fires feel more comfortable in disaster relief centers and camps. Our comprehensive approach to disaster relief can make it easier for government agencies to achieve faster response times and improved living conditions during major storms, flooding and other disasters.

Disaster Relief Planning Services

mobile laundry trailerAt Lodging Solutions, we also offer planning services to help government agencies respond more quickly to emergency situations when they occur. We work with your organization to determine the most effective array of services and to deliver them promptly when they are needed most.

To learn more about our lineup of mobile laundry trailers, equipment, and services, call Lodging Solutions today. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


  • 16 – Large Capacity Washers Per Unit
  • 16 – Gas Powered Large Capacity Dryers Per Unit
  • Wash & Fold Service
  • 24 Hr. Turnaround