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Mobile Shower TrailerProviding a sense of normalcy and some much-needed amenities can help first responders and utility workers feel more comfortable as they provide their service during the aftermath of a major weather event, wildfire, or widespread flooding. At Lodging Solutions, we go the extra mile to provide the most practical solutions for disaster relief mobile shower trailers. From showers and wash stations to laundry facilities, we work with your agency to deliver the right solutions for almost any emergency.

Helping First Responders Stay Focused

Emergency response mobile showers, soap, linens, and on-site housekeeping services can have a positive impact on morale during efforts in response to rising water, dangerous winds or wildfires. By allowing them to get clean in a private and comfortable environment, your agency can reinforce a sense of calm and normalcy that can help them stay focused.

Additional Amenities for Temporary Stays

Lodging Solutions can also provide mobile laundry trailers and can dispose of gray water to ensure that your camp provides a healthy environment. We can deliver mobile potable water trucks and food services to your campsite to provide sustenance to those staying there. Our mobile sleeper trailer and tent options can house first responders and utility workers in relative comfort even in difficult circumstances. By entrusting your disaster preparedness plans to us, you can enjoy the fastest deployment and the most effective disaster relief mobile shower trailer solutions.

Practical Solutions for Natural Disasters

Lodging Solutions can provide you with one-stop convenience when arranging for emergency response mobile shower trailers, tents, portable buildings, and other amenities for your disaster relief encampments. We work with you to make sure that every aspect of your temporary camp is handled to your satisfaction. Call us today to schedule a consultation or to request emergency services. We look forward to working with you.


  • 15- Shower Heads Per Unit
  • Private Changing Area in Each Shower Stall
  • 9- Sinks For Hand Washing & Shaving
  • On Demand Hot Water Heaters