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Potable Water Trucks

Natural disasters can have a significant impact on the water supplies in affected areas. Potable water trucks are a valuable addition to first response efforts. Understanding the potential effects of hurricanes, earthquakes and floods on the availability and safety of water may help first responders and victims of these natural disasters to make wise decisions about the water they consume. This can ensure the safety of these vulnerable individuals in the aftermath of a hurricane, flood or other major disaster.

Avoid Contamination

Depending on the extent of the damage, water that flows from taps in the disaster area may be contaminated with sewage, agricultural runoff and pesticides. These pollutants could make water unsafe for use to wash clothes and dishes, brush teeth and perform daily hygiene tasks. A portable shower trailer and laundry facility are often much safer and can provide some of the comforts of home without risk to the health of disaster relief workers and the people they serve.

Follow Instructions

First responders and disaster relief workers will typically receive detailed instructions on how to proceed after a major storm or earthquake. These instructions may include information on boiling tap water before use, drinking only bottled water or orders to evacuate the affected area. By following these recommendations and orders, you and your disaster relief workers will be protected against some of the most dangerous aspects of natural disasters in your area.

Prepare for an Emergency

During a disaster, electricity may go out over a large area. This will typically have an impact on the water treatment capabilities of your community. Stockpiling bottled water and replacing it regularly is a good first step toward preparing for these emergency situations. If food or water containers have been exposed to dirty water, however, these items should be discarded immediately and should not be handled by disaster relief workers and other individuals. Potable water trucks are often the most practical solution for emergency workers and the people they serve. 

Move to Higher Ground

If your area is flooded or has sustained significant damage, temporary housing trailer facilities can provide a safe space for members of your disaster response teams. Even if mandatory evacuation orders have not been put in place, the facilities operated by federal, state and local authorities offer clean water, nutritious food and a safer place to stay after a major disaster.

At Lodging Solutions, we specialize in providing first responders with base camps, potable water trucks and comfortable spaces to sleep when disasters strike. We deliver laundry facilities and mobile showers to ensure the highest degree of comfort for your relief workers. Call our team today at 832-256-2895 to begin your emergency planning process now. We are here to meet the needs of disaster relief workers and first responders after a major flood, earthquake or storm.