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COVID-19 Medical Tent Rentals for Business Continuity of Infrastructure and Personnel

Start Protecting Your Workforce

    COVID-19 testing tent rentalsThe coronavirus outbreak continues to rapidly expand into major cities around the world. As more and more people are exposed to this infectious disease, medical tent rentals are becoming the go-to solution for protecting your workforce. Should members of your staff contract COVID-19, not only will it likely spread throughout your entire workforce, but your essential personnel may face weeks-long quarantines.

    With our COVID-19 testing tent rentals and medical drive-thru tents, you will not have to worry about coronavirus paralyzing your production and bringing your operations to a grinding halt. In essential industries such as energy, oil and gas, electrical, and chemical, you simply can’t afford to lose the manpower your business depends on to provide necessary goods and services. The widespread COVID-19 outbreak puts your operations at risk.

    To protect your critical infrastructure for business continuity, the only way to prevent major shutdowns is to eliminate your employees’ exposure to the virus. This is especially true for facilities and industries that operate 24/7 to meet demands and provide crucial services. At Lodging Solutions, we offer tent rentals in a variety of sizes that provide total isolation for your personnel as it is the only option to guarantee that you can keep services online during this health crisis. Temporary workforce housing, like our large medical tents for rent, allows you to proactively protect your staff through preventative total isolation quarantine.

    Medical Testing Tents

    For those needing to set up temporary COVID-19 testing sites to ensure the safety of their communities, Lodging Solutions offers a wide selection of medical tent rentals and drive-thru tents. We understand the dire circumstances revolving around the COVID-19 health crisis and we can supply you with COVID-19 testing tent rentals across the country. Whether you need a medical drive-thru tent for quick and easy testing of people concerned with their wellbeing or a temporary medical tent for larger COVID-19 testing/treatment operations, Lodging Solutions can provide you with the ideal tent rental to meet your COVID-19 testing needs.

    With our variety of medical tent rentals and drive-thru tent rentals, Lodging Solutions offers total solutions for on-site isolated workforce housing and testing.  Our experts quickly and efficiently deploy temporary housing and shelters to help you protect your essential personnel. We take care of everything, including logistical planning, deployment, and set up, to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

    Emergency Response Solutions

    Our temporary workforce housing solutions help isolate your staff from coronavirus to prevent essential infrastructure collapse. Our safe and sanitary base camps have everything you need to accommodate your employees on-site for short or long periods of time. In addition to our durable medical and drive-thru tent rentals, Lodging Solutions also offers comprehensive support services, so you can focus on keeping efficiency and productivity high.

    Types of Base Camp Structures

    To stop coronavirus outbreak among your essential staff, we provide turnkey temporary workforce housing solutions, including:

    Mobile sleeper trailers:

    Our mobile sleeper trailers provide a comfortable area for your staff to get the rest and sleep they need to perform their essential functions. Each emergency mobile sleeper trailer contains multiple private bunks equipped with a power outlet, a reading lamp, and a privacy curtain in each bunk. Lodging solutions also provides bedding for your personnel, including pillows, sheets, and blankets for optimum comfort.

    Mobile laundry trailers:

    Mobile laundry trailers from Lodging Solutions include 16 large capacity washers and dryers per unit for your staff’s hygiene needs. We can also provide gray water removal to ensure your camp remains healthy and sanitary.

    Portable shower trailers:

    Portable shower trailers provide private shower stalls, private changing areas, and handwashing sinks so your employees can maintain proper hygiene. Each shower trailer is equipped with on-demand water heaters for your staff’s comfort. Lodging Solutions also provides soap, linens, and other necessary shower equipment to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

    Food service shelters:

    No virus protection base camp would be complete without food service and dining areas for your personnel. We can deploy refrigeration and freezer trailers, dry van storage, kitchen equipment, tables, chairs, and everything else you need to successfully feed your crew.

    Portable water trucks:

    Lodging Solutions offers solutions for your base camp’s water needs. Our portable water trucks will provide drinking water and food preparation water needed to even remote locations.

    Our coronavirus base camps help isolate your workforce to ensure critical infrastructure remains uninterrupted. Lodging Solutions provides comprehensive shelters and services that are fully customizable to meet your needs. Our rapid, efficient deployment solutions can help prevent an outbreak in your personnel, downtime due to sickness and quarantine, and also keep your facility free of outside contaminants. The professionals at Lodging Solutions can help you determine the most appropriate solutions and plan for your pandemic response plan. Take a proactive approach in this uncertain time to safeguard your operations. Call Now – 888-995-4044