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disaster relief mobile lodging

Rainfall amounts in the continental United States just broke a 125-year record. With more rain in the forecast for many areas of the U.S. in upcoming weeks, no end is in sight for this surplus of rain, which has led to flooding along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers and has created real issues for those who live along the path of these rivers. For responders deployed for recovery efforts, a disaster relief mobile sleeper trailer can be a welcome base for clean drinking water, food and shelter during restoration.

Mississippi Flooding at Record Levels

The recent run of floods has washed out roads, destroyed growing crops and displaced many communities. This has increased the demand for disaster relief mobile lodging for responders in these areas. For temporary camps set up to accommodate first responders, disaster relief mobile showers will help workers remain comfortable during these difficult times.

Preparing for the Worst of Mother Nature

Make sure that your agency is prepared for major events like the flooding along the Mississippi River and the severe storms that have hit various communities this year. Preparedness will ensure that communities receive the help they need during these difficult times. Deploying a disaster relief mobile sleeper trailer will provide shelter and operation center to carry out your restoration plan.

Establishing the Right Environment for the Best Help

Emergency personnel deployed for recovery efforts need basic supplies to stay safe and healthy. Some of the primary necessities for these individuals include the following:

  • Fresh potable water for drinking, washing dishes and performing personal hygiene tasks
  • Food for all team members and personnel
  • Laundry services to keep clothing clean and fresh
  • Blankets and sleeping trailers for a comfortable night’s rest
  • First aid and medical support to treat minor and moderate injuries at the campsite
  • Bathroom facilities that are conveniently located within the temporary camp

At Lodging Solutions, we offer fast response times and the most comfortable disaster relief mobile sleeper trailer options for your team. We work with you to determine the most practical solutions for your mission. Call us today at 832-256-2895 to discuss your needs with our team of disaster relief specialists. We have the solutions you need to respond most effectively to all types of emergency situations as they arise.