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Disaster Relief Mobile Sleeper Trailer

The Midwest and Great Lakes area has been hard hit by unseasonable winter storms this April. Schools have been shut down, highways closed, and flights cancelled across Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota thanks to the severe weather associated with the bomb cyclone system. For those responding to the effects of this cyclone, a disaster relief mobile sleeper trailer offers a safe and warm place after a long day of work in these embattled areas.

What Is a Bomb Cyclone?

A bomb cyclone occurs when the air pressure within a storm system drops by 24 millibars or more within 24 hours. This typically results in what most people would refer to as a winter hurricane. High winds, dangerous driving conditions and plenty of snow occurs throughout the projected area. The April 2019 bomb cyclone produced winds in excess of 80 miles per hour and dumped up to 10 inches of snow in some areas of the country.

Rural Electric Cooperatives Restoring Power

According to Sioux Valley Energy, an electrical cooperative based in Colman, South Dakota, the first estimates of damaged or downed electrical poles exceeded 375. More are likely to be discovered as crews continue their work. The company is responsible for maintaining electricity within a 6,000 square mile territory, almost half of which sustained serious damage during this round of storms. Setting up deployable base camps for workers helps to manage housing and accommodations for disaster relief and power restoration crews. Even a single disaster relief mobile sleeper trailer can provide added comfort for those who need it most.

Shelter After the Storm

Even after the worst of the storm has gone by, it is critical to ensure that relief workers have the resources they need to stay energetic and to provide help with the recovery efforts. Disaster relief base camps offer a centralized point from which organizations and relief workers can deploy their resources. This can allow faster response times and more practical solutions for getting food, water and other supplies to those affected by major storms and disasters.

At Lodging Solutions, we offer solutions for base camp deployments and responses to natural disasters and devastating storms. We can provide the disaster relief mobile sleeper trailers, mobile laundry facilities and other solutions. These solutions are designed specifically to provide a few basic comforts to first responders, utility workers and other disaster relief personnel. If you need a practical base camp deployment or other mobile shelter services, call Lodging Solutions today at 832-256-2895. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.