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Emergency Mobile Sleep Trailers

The devastation left behind by Hurricane Dorian, Tropical Depression Imelda, as well as the upcoming storms that are forming, highlights the need for well-equipped disaster relief workers and humanitarian help for those affected by these storms. Emergency mobile sleeper trailers and other amenities are critical to help these relief workers perform their jobs in the most effective way. Here are some of the most important features to consider when planning disaster relief base camps to deal with the aftermath of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Cleanup Capabilities

After a long day of work in an area damaged by major storms, your disaster relief crew will welcome the chance to wash and dry clothes and take a warm shower before heading to a mobile sleeper trailer to sleep. Laundry facilities and portable showers are essential for your disaster relief base camp and will boost morale among your workers. By creating the ability to wash up and clean up, you will also enjoy a more pleasant atmosphere and will create more camaraderie at your base camp.

Cool Comfort

Equipping your emergency mobile sleeper trailer units with climate controls is critically important when dealing with hot and sticky weather following a hurricane. Your relief workers cannot perform at their best without a good night’s sleep. Making sure the areas in which they relax and sleep are cool and comfortable is essential to promote the best environment for these hard-working individuals. Helping your team to keep their cool will allow them to perform better in the field.

Mobile Solutions

As many hurricanes and storms demonstrate, the path can shift significantly and several times during its lifespan. Mobile solutions are necessary to allow your team to reach the scene of the damage as quickly as possible and to promote the fastest setup for your base camps and sleeping arrangements. By working with a company that specializes in emergency mobile sleeper trailer units, laundry trailers and food service accommodations, you can create a positive atmosphere for your relief workers and entire team.

At Lodging Solutions, we work with first responders, utility companies and disaster relief agencies and organizations to create the right base camp solutions for their needs. We deliver and set up dining tents, emergency mobile sleepers, mobile laundry and shower trailers and many other must-have amenities for your disaster release base camp. Our team is committed to providing you with the best and most practical options for your needs. Call us today at 832-256-2895 to learn more about our base camp deployment services or to request a quote. The experts at Lodging Solutions are here to serve you.