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Emergency Mobile Sleeper Trailer

Tropical Storm Barry has dumped water across the southeastern part of the U.S. and has left many areas flooded or recovering from flood damage in its wake. Relief and rescue workers have provided support to the areas that were hardest by the storms. Emergency mobile sleeper trailer arrangements are designed to provide added comfort for these response teams. Many important elements are involved in planning relief and restoration efforts for Tropical Storm Barry and other major weather events.


Relief workers will require temporary housing and a central base of operations for their planned efforts. A disaster relief mobile sleeper trailer is often a comfortable solution for these individuals. Making sure that climate control systems are included will help your team manage hot temperatures and unpleasant outdoor conditions more effectively. Your disaster relief temporary housing trailer may serve as a home-away-from-home for weeks or even months. Providing your workers with the greatest possible comfort is critical to keep them productive during this recovery time.

Food and Water

Water trucks are a vital part of most rescue and relief efforts. Providing clean drinking water is especially important in areas that have been affected by flooding. Flood waters are capable of releasing impurities and contaminants into the water table, which can render supplies of water unsafe for drinking, bathing or other tasks. Fresh, clean water is an essential element for promoting the fastest and safest recovery in areas affected by Tropical Storm Barry.

Food may also be unavailable because of damage by flooding and the inability of regular vehicles to move into the areas affected by flooding after Tropical Storm Barry and other weather events. Catering trucks will be much appreciated by workers and will offer a little taste of home even in the middle of storm remediation and flood recovery efforts.

Creature Comforts

Laundry trucks will provide an opportunity for workers to clean up after a hard day of work and to change into fresh, clean clothes. This will help them to get a good night’s sleep in their emergency mobile sleeper trailer and then to return to work refreshed in the morning. These little extras will make a big difference in the morale and the productivity of your relief workers in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Barry and other dangerous storms.

At Lodging Solutions, we can provide emergency mobile sleeper trailer solutions for relief workers and base camps after major storms or other natural disasters. Our team will work with you to provide the most practical options for your team. Call us today at 832-256-2895 to request help for your next relief effort. We look forward to the opportunity to help you help others.